This was Lindsay's last drawing
Is it coincidence she would draw Heaven?



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Not a day goes by that we don't see your face,
With all the love in our Hearts,
Rest in Peace


Lindsay's Eyes
They were donated, and now people see!!!
Click here

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Her name was Lindsay at birth although she prefered it spelt "Lyn-Zee" which is on her Monument. Her nick name was "T-Bor", a close friend, Rob, had it tattooed

Her favorite colour was bright ORANGE

Her favorite #number# was 5

She lived in Orangeville Ontario, and previously Bolton, Ontario.

She was planning on opening her own clothing shop, and had all the stock shipped in already.

She had been going to Punkfest since she was 12 years old
Spider came to her wake

She'd organize and throw parties and shows, she even got the Posers to play locally

She had recently rededicated her life to Jesus therefore giving her a free ticket to heaven.

She LOVED animals. She owned five cats named Durdee (who carries on her legacy,) Milo, Dorafee, Blackie, and Menu (pronounced Me-NEW.) She had three baby racoons for a period of times, a dog named Rat, 2 mice Augustopher and Augustus and she volunteered at the Salvation Army Animal Rescue called "Tears of Joy."

Some of her favorite bands included: Persecuted, MxPx, Misfits, the Posers, Less Than Jake, Opressed Logic, Jerry Can, and the Harder They Fall.

Her friend since birth was Cammie and when she moved to Bolton she was extremely close to Mara, Crystal, Anthony, Rob, and OH DAN.


Lyn-Zee like a music box,
She's beautiful to look at,
Even sweeter when she talks,
With her butterfly wings,
Our sweet fairies flown away,
And i know you're in a heaven,
Even though i wish you were here today.

And baby girl,
You're looking up at the sky,
And I know you're there helping us out,
Wiping the tears from all our eyes.
And with her butterfly wings,
Our sweet Fairies flown away
And i know you're in a heaven
And i'll be waiting until the day,

We meet again, my friend,
Sister, lover, child and mother,
And i know her baby's still in her arms
Just as sure as we all still love her,
You know you would've made a great mom,
And you left us much to soon
Lyn-Zee soft and precious,
We'll miss and we'll always love you.




I would like to use this space to thank Barb for
giving me the opportunity to help with the web site,
and to thank Becky for all the help she has been.
Also, God Bless all of you that have donated to
"Lindsay's Home", all the wonderful people that
took the time to sign the guest book and write
emails and submit pictures for the site. Thank you
so much for helping Lyn-Zee's life and memories
shine so beautifully through her unfortunate death.