Born: May 4th, 1982
Died: April 23rd, 2000

Lindsay was so much more to us than a daughter, friend, relative or Mother. She was a part of us, mind and soul. Her Mother, Barb, is currently writing a book based on Lindsay's Life and Death... and Life. I find this incredible considering I have been staring at this computer screen for over an hour attempting to describe Lindsay's life in a paragraph for this webpage. It is impossible. A million books could be written, a billion movies made, and a trillion words spoken could give you a good idea of Lindsay but nothing in this world could ever accurately describe her or what it was like to know her. How can one person bring so much happiness and creativity and love to this world? Entering her room was like entering LindsayLand, and talking to her was listening to LindsaySpeak (an evergrowing vocabulary of nicknames for everything from the kitchen sink to a pair of socks). To many of us, Lindsay was one of the most important persons in our lives.
When I update this site I spend hours working on the contents. It hurts every time, it constantly reminds me that I lost a best friend of mine almost five years ago. I begin to think I may never get over her passing.... But then I think about Barb. I think about Jesse, and Jamie, and Dave, and Suzie, and Gord, and all of Lindsay's other relatives that I know. I think of Cammie, Lindsay's best friends since birth. And I forget to be sad for myself. These people were all a lot closer to her than I was and they have managed to move on to bigger and better things. Like opening a home for pregnant teens, or traveling to the Philippines to deliver babies.
If Lindsay taught me anything it was how to take my problems and make a joke out of it. No matter what I would be whining about, it would be forgotten within minutes after talking with her. Everyone has had a charismatic musician or movie star, race car driver, wrestler or politician that they idolized. Some try to mimic their attitude or take lesson in their creativity. Some would go as far as to call them heroes. Mine was Lindsay Kelly.

The following are some statements by family, friends, and local press. This will explain what had happened to her. To read more about Lindsay, please use the menu on the left to navigate through the website and visit pages like Newspaper, Visions, and Guestbook.



I really wish that she could see the affect she had on us, but I'm sure she can, and she knows when I thank her every night. I really feel that Lyn-zee was my female soul mate. I loved her so so so much.

- Cammie [ read the whole entry ]


Lyn-Zee loved animals. She nursed orphaned raccoons back to health. She volunteered at the Humane Society.
Lyn-Zee was 17 and pregnant, two weeks overdue. About 11:30am (on Easter Sunday, April 23, 2000), her mom, Barb, heard a thump. It sounded like cars had bumped outside. Barb checked around, then called for Lyn-Zee. No answer from the bathroom. She broke down the door. Lyn-zee's head was under water. Her lips were blue. Barb did CPR. The ambulance took Lyn-Zee to Headwaters Hospital just east of town. She was pronounced dead just after noon. Her baby boy, a 9 lb - 7 ounce boy was pronounced dead at the same time. They called him Taylor.

- Toronto Sun Newspaper [ read the whole entry ]


Lindsay Louise Kelly was only 17 years old when she died from complications from pregnancy on April 23, 2000. The baby she was carrying, Taylor Jesse James, also died.

- Orangeville Banner Newspaper [ read the whole entry ]


Lyn-Zee was due to give birth three days after she passed on. She was helping herself out of the bathtub on Easter Sunday when she went into a seizure due to high blood pressure. She fell into the tub and hit her head. She drowned shortly afterwards, she was to turn 18 on May 4. God Bless your beautiful soul, Lyn-Zee. Thank you for such great memories. Rest in peace for all eternity.

- Rob G. - Bolton Enterprise Newspaper [ read the whole entry ]


Lyn-Zee's son was unborn, but over nine months. Lyn-Zee had been in the hospital for five days, pregnant, and was due on Easter Sunday. They released Lyn-Zee from the hospital for her baby shower saying to come back the next day but that she was otherwise fine. She was in the bath tub and had a seizure of sorts, falling under the water and drowning. Her mother and younger siblings found her body only shortly after and tried desperately to help her in any way possible, but it was too late for both Lyn-Zee and her baby boy despite their efforts. They were both pronounced dead at approximately 12:10 pm on Easter Sunday April 23rd 2000.