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This one is by Lyn-Zee's Mom, Barb.
Lindsay, I miss you so very much, words can't express. I ache daily. Your life has touched so many and your death (life in heaven) has touched even more. The Lord showed me your judgment, you stood in a flowing white gown and you held Taylor in your arms. The Lord asked you what you had done with your life? You extended your arms with Taylor in them and said, "I chose to give him life." Jesus gathered the both of you up to be with him for eternity. That was the most important thing she ever did with her life. Choose LIFE!! The other day I was at Blue Mountain and I asked the Lord for a sign that he and Lindsay were watching over Jesse in his night competition. It was 22 below zero and I was freezing. At that very instant, a bright blue air balloon like the balloons you had for Taylor at your shower floated straight down the middle of the halfpipe with curly ribbons in it from the top of the mountain. I was in awe. We know you are home in heaven where the best is and that's what you deserve.
Love Mom

The night of the shower you were standing at the doorway seeing us off I wanted so much to give you a hug but didn't think you wanted me too that I would embarrass you. One week after your death you came to me in my dream no words were spoken you hugged me and smiled and I thank god we got our hug. Thank you Lyn-zee
Love Aunt Suzie

May 2000
I wanted so badly to see her and how she was. That night I had a dream....
I dreamt she was on the 8th floor (blazingly bright) of a building with a glass front. There were staircases on each end of the building. The 7th floor was neat and tidy, everyone was happy...but below was the 6th, there was confusion and chaos and every floor below was the same. She was nursing Taylor, happy and content. I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what this dream meant. I had no idea what the meaning of the 8th floor was? The Lord responded to me and said.....7 in my word is perfection, 8 is beyond that, it is Paradise, eternity, never ending. ( I never could have thought of that!!) I have redeemed Her now rest in Me! Her smile showed me she was happy & very occupied with what she was doing. Thank you Lord for loving me so much to show me this to comfort my aching heart. My interpretation was that 7th is the floor of salvation just waiting to go to the 8th, 6th is the number of man.
Make sure you are on the 7th!

All of my dreams, a gift from God have so far been about Lindsay. I yearned for a glimpse of Taylor's life and my prayers were answered. I was face to face with Taylor, he was 5 yrs old or so. I told him I wanted to know all about him, he sweetly answered all my questions. I said, what do you most like to do? He said, oh gramma, I love soccer. I just love it. He was in his soccer uniform, navy blue silk shorts with gold trim. He had on dark soccer shoes and navy & gold socks and his matching team shirt. He had white blonde hair, fairly straight and big blue eyes. He said, watch me and he rallyed the ball with his feet around and around. He said I like hockey too but my mom doesn't. I with choking tears in my eyes, said Can I hug you, Taylor? He didn't answer me but squeezed me so hard and very quickly then ran off with the ball. I called out, I love you so much sweetie. Thank you Lord for this. I called John's mom and asked her what Jon Jon's brother looked like at 5 and did he like soccer. She said oh yes, he loves soccer and his hair was white blonde with big blue eyes. Lord, your always right. I am so proud of you Taylor
Love, Grandma

I had a dream a while ago,..it's quite funny- All of us were at someone's house partying, and when I went into the room, I opened the closet and Lyn-zee popped out,..she was bright and energetic (as usual) and she jumped out at me and gave me a huge hug. She said how much she missed me, and as I stood there in disbelief, she went on about how cool heaven is. I asked her, "Is it as good as everyone says it is?" And she said, "Cam, it's way better,..it kicks ass!!! I gotta try to sneak you in sometime" and she had that little cute mischievous smile...haha...after catching up for a while, she assured me that she was incredibly happy and told me that my time has not come yet, but when it is right, I will be able to join her. Then she promised to come down and visit me, but she asked me not to tell anyone else...this really made me feel better because it gave me a lot of closure to the whole situation. The night of the shower, we had a real bonding time. We talked about a lot of things, and I finally told her that I loved her, something I had always wanted to sincerely say. She hugged me, and we talked about everything from God, (because she always used to ask me if I still believed in God- OF COURSE!!!) to how much she loves you, to how pregnancy is a blessing from God, to me and Anthony. And I truly feel that our beautiful relationship was brought on by Lyn-zee because it took me 5 years to get with Anthony. I really wish that she could see the affect she had on us, but I'm sure she can, and she knows when I thank her every night. I really feel that Lyn-zee was my female soul mate. I loved her so so so much.

I still find it hard to believe Lynzee is gone. I think she has come to me in visions though. The night of her one year memorial service, I was lying in bed and feeling sad, and I asked Lynzee to come visit me. Almost right away this really strong presence came over me that I know was Lynzee. I could see (with my eyes shut) this warm orange light come over me and I was filled with peace and warmth. She seemed really happy, I think partly because of all the love sent to her from the people at the memorial. For a long time it felt like she was giving me a huge hug and it felt so good! Besides the arm orange of Lynzee, there was a small white light that must have been Taylor. After a long time the orange presence left, but I was left feeling very happy, and glad that I had seen Lyn-zee again.
Kevin Casteels

This was received at 6 a.m. December 30th, 2001 spoken to Barb from the Lord through a prophet

Dear daughter, precious child of mine--I asked Lindsay what she did for me? and she said she chose life for Taylor. I am asking you to choose life Barb and throw off the grave clothes of mourning. You mourn and grieve for Lindsay as if she is dead and lost. She is very much alive and found for the first time. Go through your closet and put on the bright colors you once wore, throw the dark colors of mourning in Satan's face and break the bondage of depression that surrounds you. Enter into this new year, the day after tomorrow determined to choose life for yourself and your family and you will see me perform tremendous miracles in your family. I will bestow the John the Baptist anointing on Jesse and the wisdom of Solomon on Jamie. This is a painful choice, it means leaving the feelings that have become so familiar to you. Grief can be comforting even if it is detrimental to your health and ministry. CHOOSE LIFE BARB!!! Walk free from the shackles of self imposed grief, the time of mourning is over. I hold out to you a life of blessing, peace, prosperity and joy. I will indeed remove the sackcloth of ashes and clothe you in garments of praise, if you will choose this day to lay down Lindsay and leave her with me. She is so happy, she is my delight and treasure, she dances before my throne and throws Taylor up in the air as a free bird. We play together and I am thrilled and laugh as I watch them. They cheer my heart and I am so glad she chose to stay. She chose life for herself by staying with me. I could've resurrected her but she chose life by staying. You must choose life by letting her stay here and by not letting GRIEF rob you and your families future. Enter into 2002 with a determined heart to receive all I want to shower you with. You are NOT alone. I will bring a ministry intercessor to walk beside you. It's time to start trusting again.

March 8, 2005
Last night I spent over 6 hours staring at Lindsay's face, editing pictures of her. Even when taking a break her face was still etched in my mind. At points I would stop working and just stare at her for the longest time. I thought of so many memories we share, both good and bad. I thought so long and hard I of course started feeling sad and angry. But mostly with myself. I found myself jealous of her closer friends, her boyfriends, her family. I could never be the friend they got to be and I just wished it was me. I tried so hard to keep Lindsay in my life. She was like a sibling. While speaking aloud to the computer screen about how much I miss her, I realized something. Lindsay was the ONLY girl I had dated, even briefly, that I kept in contact with. I loved her too much to let her friendship go and I never realized how much our friendship meant to her until today.

The guitarist in my band came over today and he began to talk about someone he met sometime, that person joined his band and tried to take over and change everything. His description of the person made me remember a person I knew from high school. In order to confirm this I exhumed my grade 10 yearbook which hasn't seen light in 8 years and while doing so I realized that I totally forgot my grade 10 yearbook was filled with Lindsay rants. I let her borrow the book once and she wrote all over it. "Stud" on any guy she thought was hot. Cammie drew hearts. Lindsay drew cigars in people mouths, and boobs on boys' chests. She drew a fish around a guy that looks like a fish. And in the back she signed the book and she didn't even go to my school. I had completely forgot they had written in there, I could have grabbed any yearbook but I took the only one Lindsay signed. Besides the rants and sketches, in the signing she only wrote about 3 sentences but it was all I needed to see. She said she loved me and misses me always. This was after we got in trouble at Wonderland and we weren't allowed to see eachother. She would skip school to come to my school and we lost touch a little bit because of the distance.

I felt she made me read the yearbook today. I didn't tell my company about the events, instead I made a request. We sat down and wrote a song for Lindsay. We play metal but in tribute to Lindsay we wrote a punk song to put on our album. The lyrics will be about her. Immediately after my friend and I wrote that punk song for Lindsay (as soon as the song was done and I turned off the tape recorder) the phone rang long distance. There was no answer and *69 could not trace the call. It was Lindsay giving her approval and maybe, hopefully, her thanks.
Love always,